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Aploblocks – starter theme with style

Get the AploBlocks Wordpress theme today! AploBlocks is a FREE theme for the Wordpress block editor with extra style. Start building your websites today with ease. Take advantage of the power of the block editor to create exactly what you want

The Wordpress Block Editor allows you to build your websites visually without any coding needed and now with AploBlocks you can take that to another level.

The AploBlocks theme builds on the Wordpress Block Editor by adding support for entrance animations, image filters, custom shadows, overlapping elements, masking and more! See some of the features for yourself…


Filters allow you to modify the look of images straight from the block editor. Quickly add style to your images with filters & hover animations



Customisable shadows on blocks & images to create the effect you want. Built in hover animations allow you to modify the shadow right from the block editor

Entrance Animations

Entrance Animations – add some animation to your site to grab attention! Slide and fade content into view when scrolling. Control the duration & timing of animations.

You can convert this

Simple cover block

Into this

Cover with animation

Overlapping Elements

Make elements overlap by pulling them left/right/up/down to put them in the position that you want. Set which element will be on top.

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Transforms – Move, scale and much more. Create hover effects that will make your content stand out from the rest.



Simple, customisable masking of blocks to give your content more style.

Combine the features!

Combine the different features to build your blocks just how you want them. Absolutely no coding required!




The AploBlocks theme is fully compatible with the Wordpress Block Editor!